EPC Solutions

EPC Solutions Introductions

In order to meet the 'Turnkey Project' requirements of Iranian telecommunication carriers, SABAFAM enhanced the cooperation with the overseas and domestic suppliers on the equipment outsourcing and engineering services. It followed by some evaluation on supplier's certification and site-visit. With the mutual cooperation, SABAFAM achieved the 'win-win' situation among customers, partners and itself. It also improved the competition on the equipment outsourcing, civil work and out of plant work in the Iran market. Turnkey Project includes:

  1. To provide civil work and out of plant work for projects.
  2. To provide services which include engineering survey, testing, system installation and commissioning of the equipment.
  3. Equipment, facilities purchase for projects.

EPC Contracts

List of EPC Contracts

  1. Supplying, consulting, designing and support of Tehran access with a capacity of 224K and with ZTE brand.
  2. Supplying Siemens transmission equipment up to STM 64.
  3. Supplying Siemens equipment of G.SHDSL network design and implementation.
  4. Supplying Huawei transmission equipment with capacity of STM 64.
  5. Supplying Turnkey project of ZTE Telecom NGN switch with Turnkey gateway 5 and the final capacity of 350K subscribers.
  6. MAN networks of Tehran suburb.
  7. Supplying Huawei data network of Tehran telecommunication.
  8. MCI Data Centre Infrastructure Consultancy.
  9. MCI CERT Network Operation Centre Infrastructure.
  10. Supplying Alcatel Lucent SDH transmission equipment


Technical support

SABAFAM provides after-sales technical support service for the customers twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, Through its support center in Tehran, with complete technical solutions and advanced lab simulation environments, it is able to quickly and effectively dispatch and utilize technical resources locally.


SABAFAM Training Center in Tehran has provided professional system training, maintenance training and new technologies training for its esteemed customers.
Course Development goes in step with product development to ensure the timeliness of training.
All training courses must be reviewed by relevant technical experts to ensure the reasonableness and practicability of course design. We certify lecturers strictly to guarantee their overall competency, and develop the corresponding lecturing mode and course contents according to the requirements and features of trainees. Trainees are strictly and precisely assessed as regards the knowledge they have learned through training.